Leadership Inspired by Women in NAAAP - WIN 2011 Conference

16070 NE 36th Way, Redmond, WA 98052. Directions / Free Parking

WIN! Conference Address:
16070 NE 36th Way, Redmond, WA 98052 (click for directions)

Out of town information:
Hotel: Red Lion Hotel in Bellevue
11211 Main Street, Bellevue, WA 98004
Special NAAAP rate at Reservation Link
Rate ends May 27, 2011 for bookings from June 3 to June 6, 2011.

About the event:
The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making leaders. Women in NAAAP! (WIN!) is a special program created to develop and build women leaders within NAAAP and the Asian Pacific communities.

NAAAP's Seattle chapter is proud to present the West Coast launch of the WIN! conference on Saturday, June 4 at the Microsoft Conference Center. The theme of this WIN! Conference is "Invest In Yourself."

Many women are natural care-takers. We care for our parents, our partners, our children, our colleagues. But we often forget to invest in ourselves. We all need to invest in building our own skills so that we can become stronger contributors to our families, communities, organizations, and society. This day-long conference with its interactive workshop format aims to give attendees the tools and resources they need to efficiently and effectively invest in their professional and personal development.

Our rich roster of speakers will inspire you with their stories and personal lessons. You will network with those from various walks of life. You will learn how to ask others for help, to mobilize your inner strength, and to set priorities so that you can realistically reach your goals. You will leave understanding how to strategically begin investing in yourself.

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