Leadership Inspired by Women in NAAAP - WIN 2011 Conference

16070 NE 36th Way, Redmond, WA 98052. Directions / Free Parking

The WIN! conference will have 1.5 hr workshops in the following areas:

• Mentorship and Sponsorship:
Mentoring and being mentored is one of the best ways to advance one's career and to grow as a person. Workshops will be segmented by three professional categories: business /entrepreneurship, health/technology, and politics/non-profits. Industry experts will discuss how to find a mentor, the benefits of mentorship, the difference between mentorship and sponsorship. The panelists will also share tips on how to get ahead in their specific industries.

• Effective Presentation/Communication:
Presentation and communication skills are crucial to our success. This workshop will show the audience the science of preparing and successfully carry out a presentation using effective presentation and communication to entertain, inspire, teach, sell and touch the hearts and minds of their listeners.

• Personal Branding:
Personal branding will provide the audience with the tools and techniques to take control of their careers by building their own self-image. Every one of us is a brand, as a brand there is a process in which we market ourselves to others. This workshop will help attendees build themselves internally and externally, as well as discover and create their own unique brand using social media tools.

• Conflict Resolution/Negotiation:
Encountering conflicts can be a daily struggle. Instead of avoiding it, people can learn how to effectively resolve and negotiate conflict while retaining relationships. This workshop will discuss a healthy long-term strategy to resolve conflicts and negotiate different viewpoints in a way that will achieve a fair outcome for all parties involved.

• Time Management:
Time is of the essence, so they say, but it is a lot more than just being quick and meeting deadlines. Learning how to manage our time so we can reduce stress as well as meet our obligations is an essential element of our daily lives. This workshop will provide strategies on managing a busy schedule and achieving work-life balance. Audiences will learn how to better organize and prioritize their schedule, which will help them succeed in their studies, careers, and personal lives.

• Parenting:
The everyday parent is one who does it all. Balancing the demands of running a house hold and working a 9am to 5pm job is no easy task. A panel of multi-generational parents will share personal stories of parenting experiences and discuss different cultural types of parenting styles, how to raise bicultural children, and how to be both a mother and a career woman.

• Financial/Budgeting:
Understanding finances can give women a greater sense of control over their lives. The instructor will provide hands-on instruction on budgeting basics and answer attendee's specific questions on financial budgeting and money management. Attendees will learn how to maximize their income, maintain a steady cash flow, and plan for the future.

• Strategic Life Planning:
Life is a constant journey of transitions and change, which can be confusing and overwhelming. In this workshop, a life coach will help attendees reach their highest potential by achieving a specific personal or professional goal. In addition, attendees will receive tips on how to develop and improve their leadership style so their skills, achievements and leadership potential can be recognized in the workplace.